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City Memory

"Our best time is either when we imagine the future in our dreams or when we settle into the past in our memories." A. Şinasi

Sakarya is a special city for many reasons such as its natural beauty, historical artifacts, industry and geopolitical location. It carries people from many different nations and cultures in harmony and peace. The culture of the city comes from the value given to differences and harmonious coexistence.

The biggest threat of multicultural structures is that any one culture becomes dominant and resembles others. Often the representatives of the dominant culture describe this as a success, but in reality the disappearance of different cultures is a great loss. 

The "Sakarya City Memory Project", which is currently being carried out by Sakarya University SESAM, promotes our city on its official website sehirhafizasi.sakarya.edu.tr

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences and SATSO support the project carried out by Sakarya University.

Sakarya City Memory project activities are carried out in the SESAM office located in the Faculty of Political Sciences of Sakarya University and the office located in the Central Library. Studies are on a voluntary basis. Most of the technical work is done by our talented students who are devoted to the project.

We invite you to voluntarily support the Sakarya City Memory Project.