About Us

Sakarya University, Sakarya Economic and Social Research Center (SESAM), has established in order to conduct research, investigation and applications in the economic, commercial, social, historical, administrative, cultural, agricultural and industrial areas directly or indirectly related to Sakarya province and its environment. 

SESAM studies were first started in 1965 under the name of Sakarya Social Research Center (SSAM), established within the Institute of Economics and Economics (Sociology) of Istanbul University. Within this center, socio-economic researches such as history, geography, urbanization and migration, working life and trade unions were conducted.

Since 2005, the Center has been operating under the name of Sakarya Economic and Social Research Center (SESAM).

In the center;

a) To conduct scientific research, examination and application and to encourage such studies

b) Organizing seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums, panels and training programs at national and international level

c) Conducting researches and investigations for the solution of the problems faced by public and private sector organizations within the scope of the Center's field of activity, and providing opinions; preparing report; providing consulting services; to carry out projects and similar studies and to develop academic cooperation with related institutions and organizations

d) To organize training and development programs on subjects related to the field of study and to give certificates to those who have successfully completed the programs.

e) To publish on issues related to center’s activities and activities

f) To carry out studies such as encouraging the academic staff of Sakarya University to conduct research and practice in the area of interest of the Center.

SESAM consists of five members:  the Center Director, Deputy Director and three Board of Directors (whom are selected by the University Executive Board among the six candidates proposed by the Rector among and related faculty members).

Working groups are formed and group leaders are assigned for the research to be conducted in special areas. Group leaders work under the Director of the Center.

As of 2018, SESAM has been carrying out its activities in Sakarya University Faculty of Political Sciences Campus, 2nd Floor, Room 205 and in the department of Sakarya University Central Library.